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The Administration and Management Department was created with a Resolution of the Academic Council of New Bulgarian University on 23.02.2016 as a successor of the Business Administration and Public Administration departments. The scope of activity of the department includes specialized research and tutoring in Business Economics, Public Administration and Tourism. The Department runs courses in two professional fields: 3.7. Administration and Management and 3.9. Tourism.

The research conducted in the department is in the fields of Corporate Management, Innovative Management, Public Policy and Administration, Tourism and Hospitality, European Transport Policy, Institutional Experience and Development Trends in the EU member states. The academic research in the Department is based on modern theories of institutional economics and management and aspires to creating scientific products in the field of Business and Public Policy in compliance with the specific Bulgarian institutional environment and structure.

Furthermore, in cooperation with world-renowned university centers, the faculty of the Department study and teach Corporate Social Responsibility, Social and Environmental Accounting, Sustainable Development Reporting, and Decision-making Mechanisms Based on Corporate Practices Adapted for the Tourist Business.
The Department has established and carries out several permanent seminars:

  • Management and Leadership Seminar, involving students and PhD students;
  • The interdisciplinary seminar Modern Economics and Business;
  • The interuniversity seminar Innovative Solutions in Tourism within the framework of the Science without Frontiers symposium;
  • The student seminar New Realities in Tourism within the framework of the student’s scientific forum New Realities in Economy and the Role of Modern Science, jointly with the Bulgarian Chamber of Education, Science and Culture.

The Administration and Management Department publishes a Yearbook of the studies of faculty members and PhD students, scientific research reports, project reports and student papers.

The Department has signed contracts, under the Erasmus+ programme, for student exchange with the following universities: Alma Mater Studiorum - Bologna, including its Branches in Rimini and Forli; Aveiro - Portugal; Ludwigshafen - Germany; Dogush - Turkey and others. Students enrolled in Erasmus+ exchange programmes receive credit transfer and accreditation for the courses successfully completed abroad.

Head of Department
Assoc. Prof. Kristian Hadzhiev
Building 2, Office 620
Phone 02/8110 629, ext.: 26202


Katya Popova
Building 2; office 620
Phone: 02/8110620
e-mail: kpopova@nbu.bg